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french bulldog for sale Illinois

french bulldog for sale Illinois



Often overlooked, age can be a determining factor in choosing your best friend. You want to make sure that you get the most out of your dog, so you want to make sure it will live long enough to enjoy its companionship and cuddles. Obviously, this is a concern for all dogs, but French bulldogs in particular have a life expectancy of about ten years. While some may argue that’s not really long enough for them to become part of their family, it’s important to remember that most people don’t stay in one place for long after graduating college anyway—so it’s likely that before long you’ll need something else more than this puppy can give you anyway!

Frenchies are typically referred to as “lap dogs” because they like being close by their owners while they work or relax at home—or go on walks around town together! If there’s no chance those two things overlap then maybe reconsider getting one right now?


Gender. Male or female, gender does not affect price (no matter what the internet might tell you). It also doesn’t affect personality, health or size: A female French bulldog will still have a short muzzle and large eyes — just like a male. The only difference is that she has nipples!

If you’re looking for a specific color of French bulldog, we’d recommend having your local breeder help with this task.


When you’re looking for a dog, the size of the animal can be a good thing. Of course, it’s also a bad thing. It’s also neutral. And it’s relative? Maybe we should just talk about what makes each of these things true for us as individuals and then move on to talking about our feelings about french bulldogs in general!

It turns out that size is an important factor when selecting a pet because it relates more directly than any other characteristic to how much time and energy you will have to devote to taking care of them. If you live alone in an apartment without much yard space or access outside your building, then having a large dog like a mastiff might not make sense if they require lots of exercise every day (or are too big and heavy). On the other hand, if your living situation allows for some outdoor playtime but not all-day walks every day like some larger breeds do need then maybe getting one of those could be perfect!


  • The color of your dog’s eyes also matters. If you’re going to buy a puppy, it will have soft blue eyes that turn darker with age. If you’re buying an adult dog or one that has been in the shelter for some time, its eyes may have turned amber or even brown.
  • The coat color is another important factor. French bulldogs come in three colors: white, brindle, and fawn (also known as “tan”). All three colors are accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). A brindle coat looks like tiger stripes when it’s wet; when dried out and groomed properly, it becomes much less distinct and blends with the rest of the coat.


When you’re looking for a puppy, you may want to consider a French bulldog. This breed is known for its short muzzle and squashed face, along with its wrinkly skin and large head. The French bulldog is a small dog that weighs between 13-20 pounds; however, some can grow up to 30 pounds. These dogs are very friendly and enjoy human company just like any other companion animal would. They make great family pets because they have the personality of an affectionate lapdog but don’t require much exercise or space (although they do enjoy playing).


The location of the seller, and their dog, is in Illinois. The location of the buyer is in Kansas. The buyer wants to know where their puppy’s parents are from, how far away they were from each other when they were born, and where their grandparents live.

This is an adorable french bulldog for sale in Illinois

The French Bulldog is a small dog with a wrinkled face. The most popular color of this breed is fawn, followed by brindle and white. This breed has affectionate and sweet personalities, and there’s nothing more adorable than seeing one snuggle up in your lap! They are great for apartment living or as a first time dog owner because they don’t require much exercise like other breeds do.


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