PET FAMILY LOVERS french bulldog Merle French Bulldog for Sale

Merle French Bulldog for Sale

Merle French Bulldog for Sale


This is a very special dog. She’s the kind of dog that makes you believe there’s still good in the world. When I look into her eyes, I see love and affection and I know she’ll always be there for me. Her name is Roxy and she’s my best friend!

Merle French Bulldog for Sale

Merle French Bulldog for Sale

A merle is a pattern in which patches of white fur are mixed with colored fur. It’s a very common coat color in many breeds, including Australian Shepherds, Border Collies and Great Danes. Sometimes known as “dalmatian spots” or “harlequin traits” it’s much less common in other breeds like the French bulldog.

The merle coloring can produce some unique looking puppies that actually look like they’re wearing little coats! This makes them quite popular with breeders and buyers alike because there aren’t any other dogs around with this exact combination of colors.

French bulldog puppies for sale

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French bulldog puppy for sale

  • AKC registered
  • Vet checked
  • Dew claws removed
  • Current on vaccinations
  • Microchipped
  • Comes with a health guarantee, puppy starter kit, care guide, food, toy

Merle french bulldog puppies for sale

The merle color pattern can be seen in many other breeds, such as the Weimaraner and Australian Shepherd. In French Bulldogs, it’s not unusual to see this unique coloring on their heads, but it is more common to see a darker or light coat on the body.

If you’re looking for a French Bulldog puppy for sale with merle coloring that will make your heart melt, check out this adorable litter of six!

Blue merle french bulldog for sale

Blue merle french bulldog for sale

Looking to purchase a blue merle french bulldog? Your search ends here. At [name of company], we have a wide variety of blue merle French bulldogs for sale, including puppies and adults. Our dogs are raised indoors with loving care and attention, ensuring they grow into strong, healthy animals. If you’re looking to add one of these beautiful creatures to your home, fill out our adoption form today!

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are a small breed of domestic dog, noted for their wrinkled faces and compact size. Bred in France, the breed is often called a French Bulldog in English.

In the United Kingdom, they are sometimes mistaken for English Bulldogs, or vice versa; however, each breed has unique physical characteristics. The Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognizes both breeds as separate entities with different purposes.[3]


As you can see, the Merle French bulldog is a stunning breed. If you are looking for a loving companion who is playful, outgoing, and loyal to its owners, then this breed could be a solid choice for your next pet. Just remember that the Merle French bulldog is not cheap. As with any purebred puppy, buyers should be prepared to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their new family member!

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