We are truly thankful that we learned about PFL

PFL has guided me in my pet's health and nutrition from day one. They have always been there to answer all of my questions. This is the most dedicated and caring puppy vendor I have ever come across. We purchased a few pets and have never had this unique relationship with any of the vendors. I am very blessed to have met PFL


Great package; good dogs and good training

At PFL, it's a complete package: good dogs and good training. PFL not only provided me with ideal pets, she also provided me with the training I needed to keep my dogs happy and healthy. They were always there with advice, additional training, and care for my dogs whenever needed.


We’ll be loyal and lifelong customers

I would just like to thank PETS FAMILY LOVERS for the role they’ve played in our lives in making it possible for us to live with these absolutely cherished family members. We can’t imagine our lives without our wonderful dogs, and it is a privilege to be their caretakers, even though sometimes it truly is the dogs who are taking care of us. We’ll be loyal and lifelong customers. More than that, over the years, PFL has been an amazing resource and a wonderful vendor. We are extremely grateful for everything.


Responsive customer service

I chose PETS FAMILY LOVERS because their customer service was a thoughtful communicator from the very beginning, and we had meaningful conversations about their dogs, my background and experience, and our mutual expectations. I could tell they genuinely cared for her dogs as family members, and I felt I would receive a lot of ongoing support once I purchased one of their dogs.